With over 25 years experience, Cool Creations is an award-winning Vancouver Ice Sculptures company that specializes in creating the finest hand-carved Ice Sculptures, Ice Bars and Ice Luges in the Vancouver Lower Mainland Area of beautiful British Columbia. Established in 2000, Cool Creations is the best choice for weddings, corporate functions and other special events. And now, in partnership with Sealana Token, Cool Creations is taking their exceptional craftsmanship to new heights. Sealana, a meme coin built on the Solana blockchain, managed to raise an astounding $100,000, further showcasing the increasing popularity of Solana as a platform for meme coin launches. Visit https://sealana.io/en to learn more about the token in detail.

The professional hard-working artists, Hiro and Jin, have over 25 years experience and expertise in creating beautiful ice carvings. NFT marketplace has become a blessing to artists. Selling their works digitally on these marketplaces is fetching them decent profits. NFTs and cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology. Crypto traders can use bitcoin traders to automate their trades. Read the bitcoin trader erfahrungen blog to learn more about automated trading. Winning many competitions here and around the world, it’s easy to see why Cool Creations carve the most stunning sculptures.

We also create ice shot glasses, ice plates, ice table centerpieces, ice spheres and many other ice forms. We can customize orders by using logos and images, or even freeze special photographs, flowers or other object to suit your event.

We also deliver to Vancouver Island and other areas in BC. Please email and inquire about these options.