Cool Creations can help make your special day even more memorable with ice décor.

Ice carvings add a luxurious touch to any wedding.  Stunning archways or pillars made of ice can illuminate the aisle or entrance way, beautiful sculptures can impress guests as they enter the reception area or browse the dessert table, and guests can be served beverages around a exquisite glowing ice bar.  Ice carving can be personalized with engravings of names, dates or images, or silk flowers or other special momentos such as pictures can be imbedded within the carvings.

Guests can also enjoy receiving drinks poured through a spectacular ice luge.  Guests and head tables can glow with stunning centerpieces containing personal touches frozen in ice. Even food can be served on ice platters at a buffet or individual servings on ice ware such as in ice bowls and ice plates.

Taj Mahal

Horse & Carriage


Precious Moment


Diamond Rings

Abstract Lovers

Heart with Doves

Ice Castle

Grand Piano

Ice Bar

Ring and Photo



God of India


Linked Hearts

Chinese Wedding

Ice Bar


Candle Ice


Diamond Ring

Heart Flower

U Shape with Swans

Ice Bar

Precious Moment




Double Happiness


3D Swan

Taj Mahal

Large Harp

Large Heart

Doves on a heart

Love Dolphines

Ice Bar

Cake of Ice