3D Hand-Made Sculptures

Cool Creations’ specialty is award winning phenomenal hand ice sculptures. These beautiful masterpieces are breath-taking with complex intricacy and elegance. Each ice sculpture is hand carved using specific tools created and designed by the sculptors. They are custom made to fit any request, theme or event.

Ice Luges & Ice Fountains

Hiro was the first ice carver in British Columbia to introduce the Ice Luge in the early 80’s. It started as a block of ice engraved with a deep groove in which beverages were chilled as they were poured onto the block of ice. It has now evolved into an intricate spiral tube embedded within a beautiful ice carving. The carvings can be three dimensional sculptures, or any shapes of ice featuring images, words or objects frozen within.

The Ice Fountain is a motorized fountain made of ice that chills beverages without diluting them.

Ice Bars

Cool Creations was the first company in British Columbia to feature the Ice Bar. It is essentially a full-sized functional free standing serving bar made of ice. Hosts often serve beverages and/or seafood around these impressive structures. They can be flat or wrap around bars featuring images, words or objects frozen within. Illuminated with lightening colors of your choice, they are spectacular focal points for any event.

Corporate Logos

Have your Corporate logo engraved into Ice to create a stunning display for all your Corporate parties and events.  Colour can be added, or photos and mementos can be frozen within the ice to customize any Ice Sculpture.

Ice Archways, Ice Pillars & Ice Flower Vases

Archways create a stunning impact at the alter, entrance of a room or above the head or buffet table. Standing as high as six to seven feet, Ice Archways make a grand statement. Names or Logos can be carved into the arch creating a personalized and unforgettable focal point.

Ice Pillars and Ice Flower Vases enhance a hallway, entrance of the room or head table. Usually five to six feet in height, Ice Pillars can contain flowers or other objects frozen within, or are used as exquisite structures holding bouquets of flowers or candles.

Table Centerpieces

Table Centerpieces made of ice are an elegant way to illuminate each table. Centerpieces can contain custom designs or logos, flowers, or products frozen within the ice. They can also vary in shape from two-dimensional hexagon to beautiful spheres. The ice can also be sculpted to become magnificent flower vases. Each centerpiece sparkles from the light at the base. Most centerpieces are custom designed by the customers requests.

Ice Wares & Food Displays

Ice sculptures were originally created to present food. Today, there is a variety of ways to showcase foods using ice. Cool Creations makes everything from shot glasses, salad bowls, serving plates, sorbet and ice cream bowls, tiered trays for desserts and seafood, large punch bowls, as well as anything else custom ordered.

Ice Rooms & Ice Walls

Ice walls are excellent ways to showcase your product, logo or image. Often, Cool Creations freezes objects within the wall, or carves out shelves or boxes within the wall to hold products, creating a bold statement. These walls run from floor to ceiling and can stand against a wall, or in the center of the room, and can span as long as the customer desires

Cool Creations is the only company to create Ice Rooms, which are actual rooms created by walls with Ice. For many years, these rooms have been enjoyed by customers year-round.