Q: How far in advance do I need to order an ice carving?
A: The sooner the better but we generally take orders 2 - 4 weeks before the event. However, we will try our best to accommodate orders on short notice.

Q: How large is the ice sculpture?
A: The size depends on the shape and design of the ice sculpture.   A single block 3D sculpture is roughly 40” tall, 20” wide, 10” deep, and weighs 180 to 200 lbs. A single block 2D sculpture is roughly 45” tall, 40” wide, 10” deep (base included), and weighs 150 to 200 lbs. Larger sculptures are also available.

Q: Can colour be incorporated into ice sculptures?
A: Cool Creations can customize ice sculptures by adding colour to ice in various ways.   They can also embed a coloured poster or logo frozen into a block of ice. Lastly, ice can be illuminated with coloured lighting.  Ice sculptures can also be customized with personalized images, texts or objects frozen into the ice.

Q: Do you freeze items in the sculptures?
A: Yes, Cool Creations can freeze almost anything in ice. Please include information about what you would like frozen when filling in the Order Form.

Q: How long will my ice sculpture last?
A: This will depend on the size and detail of the sculpture but most will last 6 - 8 hours. Ice sculptures will last longest indoors at room temperature, but also do well outside when not in direct sunlight or strong winds.

Q: When should the ice carving be delivered?
A: When ordering, please specify the start time of event. The ice carving will be delivered and set up 30 - 60 minutes prior to when the event starts.

Q: What does delivery and set up include?
A: Cool Creations will deliver and carry the ice sculpture to the site of display. They will provide a display drip tray with drain pipe and lighting (if requested). Please make sure to have a sturdy table ready for set up time. Most customers also prefer to cover the table with a table cloth.   If lighting is requested, we recommend the customer have extension cords and duct tape for safety reasons.

Q: Where does the water go when it melts?
A: The ice sculpture sits on a drip tray connected to a drain pipe that collects water into a bucket below the table.

Q: How can I order an ice carving?
A: Please fill out the order form from the order page. We will respond within 48 hours. You can also email us questions at [email protected] or call at 604-275-4004. We specialize in custom orders to make your ice sculpture unique.

Q: How much do ice sculptures cost?
A: Ice sculptures vary in cost by size and design. Please refer to our “Pricing” page for pricing options.